Episode 23

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3rd Dec 2023

Discover Advent in Everyday Moments: Finding HOPE

Discover Advent in Everyday Moments: Finding HOPE

Advent One: Three Stories of Hope

In the face of adversity, it is often our resilience that shines through, guiding us towards hope and strength. St. Peter's Church in Ellicott City is a prime example of this unwavering resilience. As a church that has experienced its fair share of trauma and tragedy, it has emerged stronger and more determined than ever. In this excerpt from a Good News! podcast, we invite you to reflect on the profound lessons of resilience, hope, and faith.

The second excerpt focuses on Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community and Roman Catholic Womenpriests. The speaker gives the example of the inspiring story of a group of sisters who voted unanimously to see their work to completion, embracing the hope that lies in the seeds they have planted. Similarly, Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community, led by Pastor Gloria Carpeneto, is a stepping stone in the evolution of God's plan.

The third excerpt highlights the importance of empowering Gen Z in their passion for social justice and truth. Gen Z individuals are vocal about their beliefs and dedicated to making a difference in the world. The speaker suggests that the church should meet young people where they are, utilizing online platforms and digital evangelism to engage with them effectively. He shares his optimism for the future, believing that the church's involvement in these areas can benefit not only their own tradition but the entire body of Christ.

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Jon Shematek is an Episcopal Deacon, retired after serving thirty years in seven varied parishes in the Diocese of Maryland. Jon is also a retired pediatric cardiologist; he practiced medicine for years and also served as the Chief Medical Officer of a multi-specialty medical group and a large health insurance plan. Jon’s current ministry is being formed by his interests in photography, graphic design, teaching, and web-based communications. He currently serves as the Communications Coordinator at the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation in Baltimore, Maryland and as Co-chair of the Commission on Ministry in the Diocese of Maryland.

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Lauren Welch is an Episcopal Deacon, retired after serving thirty years in two parishes in the Diocese of Maryland and on Diocesan Staff in various roles as well as serving in leadership positions with the Association for Episcopal Deacons. Lauren’s secular employment included thirty years as a Medical Technologist functioning as blood bank supervisor, and ten years as chaplain at two Baltimore hospitals and a retirement community. Lauren continues her passion and interest in healing energy work as a Reiki Master and Spiritual Director. Lauren is listening to where the Spirit is calling her in the labyrinth of life, responding one step at a time.